For packages that are “lost in transit”, all claims must be submitted no later than 3 weeks after the estimated delivery date on the order’s tracking information. We also advise our customer gets in touch with their local post office to try locating the order. If, after trying all options, the order remains missing, we’ll cover the costs of reshipping a replacement order that matches the original order.

Generally, in “lost in transit” situations, limited or no entries will appear on the tracking log from the link we provide to the tracking page. Cases such as this indicate that the package might be lost, giving that the package has no international tracking, does not get scanned in each warehouse and location it arrives at, thus making it more prone to getting lost in transit. Domestic orders are more likely to be lost along the way to their next scanning point in the mail.

If our customer suspects this might be their case, they may contact us replying in their order or shipment confirmation email to receive instructions that will help with their situation.