When checking your tracking information, should it indicate it has been delivered, but the customer has not received the package(s), we urge them not to panic and wait an additional day or two since packages are sometimes scanned as delivered before they are actually arrived at its destination and tend to arrive a few days later. If the package still has yet to arrive after this period, check around your house, in the bushes, ask your neighbors about any received packages, ask in your local post office, etc.

Please make sure that you have entered the correct mailing address. If an item is lost due to a wrong address provided by the customer, they will be responsible for any re-shipping cost. We urge the customer to keep track of their estimated delivery date and the mail route taken by their order. Package theft is not covered with shipping insurance and we will not replace it at our expense.

If a customer suspects any criminal appropriation of their order (theft), we urge them to contact their local police department and file a police mail theft report. Once the customer possesses the necessary information, they may readily contact us at [email protected] or reply our shipping or order confirmation email to arrange a potential refund.